36v 19.8ah electric wrench low temperature lithium battery design party case

2022-10-09 17:08 The official
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Electric wrench is a special tool for basic engineering construction to install screw parts and nuts. It has the function of automatic control system torque. It is widely used in the construction of highway and bridge with bolt welding structure, the installation of industrial plant, tower and chemical plant, metallurgical industry and generator equipment. Large machinery, lifting vehicles and installation work, and places where torque and radial tensile resistance of threaded fasteners are strictly managed.

The product is formed by computer host and temperature control instrument. The server adopts double insulated single-phase electric series motor and deceleration mechanism, which has novel and reliable structure. Because of the static torsional structure, stable operation, no vibration, no impact, low noise, operators will not be affected by the reverse torque, so low labor efficiency. Previous electric wrench with the help of alternating current power supply system, mobile work bring very inconvenient, threats and battery according to the strong technical level and deep understand of the battery discharge concept, released into can bring mobile electric wrench dedicated, intelligent rechargeable lithium batteries, a lot of traditional tight work efficiency and coordination. The lithium battery uses lithium cobalt acid battery battery, relatively high kinetic energy, the actual ultra-low temperature discharge characteristics, but also can work at -40℃ for a long time, low self-discharge rate, no memory, can be charged at any time, the battery efficient charging mode and complete maintenance.

Electric wrench battery design requirements

1. Ultra-low temperature working function: meet the requirements of cold and low temperature operations in northwest China and -40℃ operation;

2, independent end: the use of special plug-in charging and discharging independent output mode, can be charged while discharging, independent port.

3, LCD display power: real-time display of battery charging and discharging process power, you can monitor the battery power at any time.


Electric wrench battery design scheme

1, cell selection: The selection of high energy density, low temperature performance, high safety rechargeable lithium ion cell 18650/2200mAh/3.7V.

2, battery protection system (BMS) : mainly designed for the rechargeable battery pack protection line, due to the chemical characteristics of lithium battery itself, need to provide over charge, over discharge, short circuit, over current and over temperature protection functions. To avoid burning, explosion and other risks.

3, Protection IC (Protection IC) : the design of the main protection function chip, the core for over charge, over discharge, over current, short current and other functions of the online monitoring. Make the cell work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

4, field effect tube (MOSFET) : MOSFET tube, in the protection circuit plays a switching role, always make the voltage at both ends of the load will not increase nor decrease, to ensure voltage stability.

5, LCD power display: built-in LCD voltage display, anytime and anywhere real-time display of the battery pack current power situation.