Keywords: outdoor energy storage, household energy storage, portable energy storage
Accumulations of guangdong new energy co., LTD. Is a vertically integrated energy storage electric lithium battery research and development production, the BMS research and development, system integration, sales for the integration of new energy storage enterprise, its predecessor in UPS power supply industry with 25 years experience in research and development production, actively respond to national call to achieve carbon up to the peak, the double carbon carbon neutral strategic target, the company actively develop clean energy transformation, In the energy storage sector has developed and produced portable outdoor power supply, home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage. Guided by market demand, we provide the leading integrated solutions for lithium battery energy storage system.
—— Portable energy storage power supply based on lithium iron phosphate battery can store 0.5 KWH of electricity at a time. Multiple power ports are integrated, including 4-way USB output, 1-way DC12V output, 2-way AC output and 1-way car starting output.
—— The product is a new type of photovoltaic energy storage system based on lithium iron phosphate battery and equipped with customized battery management system (BMS). High cycle times, long service life, and suitable for daily charging and discharging application scenarios.
—— By using the long-life lithium iron phosphate battery with excellent safety performance and the battery management module integrated with the UPS, users can obtain more intelligent and controllable UPS battery products and reduce operation and maintenance costs. The modular design can also help users save installation space and achieve rapid maintenance.
—— The commercial energy storage system is based on lithium iron phosphate battery, using the module series design of energy storage system, small size, light weight, standard module embedded design, easy to install and maintain. Through reliable BMS system and high performance balancing technology, the whole system has extremely high security and reliability.
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